Charlie Brooker shares 42-song playlist for ‘Black Mirror’ episode ‘San Junipero’

It includes tracks by The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Public Enemy and Pixies.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has shared a 42-song playlist for one of the new series’ standout episodes ‘San Junipero’.

According to the creator, the expanded playlist features “tracks from the episode”, “tracks which didn’t make it in (for rights/other reasons)” and “tracks which inspired elements of the story”.

As well as Belinda Carlisle’s pop smash ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’, which features prominently in the episode, the playlist includes ’80s classics by The Smiths, Pixies, Depeche Mode and Public Enemy. Hits by T’Pau, Kim Wilde, The Bangles and Whitney Houston feature too.


Explaining why the episode is largely set in 1987, Brooker told Vogue: “There’s huge nostalgia for me. All the music I said I hated, I secretly loved all of it; T’Pau and all of that. It was a great way for me to indulge in all those guilty pleasures. To go back and revisit all of that music people claimed to hate in 1987.”

Interviewed in this week’s NME, Brooker shared his thoughts about the apparent growth in far right populism as migrants seek refuge in the UK following the closure of the Calais jungle.

“It’s suddenly OK to start openly saying that you want to check refugees’ teeth and things like that,” Brooker said. “The people thinking and saying that sort of thing should shut the fuck up and think: ‘We’re all stuck on the same fucking bauble in the vast void of space so we’d better get on.’”

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Meanwhile, Brooker also recently admitted to reading erotic fan fiction about himself and actor and comedian David Mitchell.