‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”s Charlie Day offers Mick Jagger his ‘Casio Piano’ song

"Feel free to have this song"

Charlie Day has jokingly offered a song to The Rolling StonesMick Jagger – hear the actor’s wacky ‘Casio Piano’ creation below.

The Always Sunny In Philadelphia star took to Instagram to show off his tongue-in-cheek musical offering, with the post showing Day in sunglasses walking around and holding a Casio keyboard.

I like my piano / Some say it’s just a toy,” Day sings over a chirpy melody. “I push a button / And you enjoy.” The actor wrote in the post’s accompanying caption: “@mickjagger feel free to have this song.” Check out a clip from the post below.

Day’s wife and Always Sunny co-star Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who plays Charlie’s love interest The Waitress in the show, wrote in reply: “This is the soundtrack to my life #NonStop”

The thirteenth season of Always Sunny concluded back in November, with the season finale providing an unexpectedly jaw-dropping conclusion.

Back in January, Always Sunny star and creator Rob McElhenney spoke out on the future of the show.

McElhenney, who plays Mac on the sitcom, addressed fan queries about the well-being of Always Sunny in a Instagram post. Concerns had been voiced prior to the start of season 13 last year when Dennis actor Glenn Howerton’s continued involvement in the show was still uncertain.