Charlie Fink on life after Noah & The Whale and finding a home at the theatre

"It reminded me of my first connections with music."

Charlie Fink has opened up on life after Noah & The Whale, and how he found a home in the world of theatre.

Last week, Fink released double a-side single ‘Anywhere’ and ‘My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm’.

The former of the tracks is a synth-driven interpretation of ‘Anywhere You’re Going Is On My Way’, which featured on Fink’s 2017 debut solo album.


After the success of Noah & The Whale, the album allowed Fink to try something new entirely – with the recording forming the soundtrack of a theatre show at The Old Vic.

Describing his foray into the theatrical world, Fink explained: “I got quite lucky because as Noah was finishing, the Old Vic wrote to me and asked me to do the music for Dr Seuss’s The Lorax, which I did.

“I’d seen a lot of theatre and liked going to the theatre, but working on that show was the moment that I fell in love with working in the world of theatre, and it reminded me of my first connections with music.”

Fink’s Old Vic show followed the story of a songwriter who disappeared and left behind a book of songs.  Throughout the show, the songs offer a clue about what might have happened to the songwriter who disappeared.

“To do it on the Old Vic stage was nerve wracking. It’s a magical theatre and a wonderful place to do it”, said Fink.


And while he’s now working on his solo projects, Fink’s past still holds a special place for fans – after they launched a successful campaign earlier this year to release the first two Noah & The Whale records on vinyl.

“It’s absolutely amazing, I’m so grateful and happy. I sent the records to Dan, the guy who was running the campaign and it’s just amazing”, Fink said.

“It’s also nice because that second record, First Days of Spring, is one that I’m really proud of. I’m pleased that it’s found its way onto vinyl.”

But does it mean that a Noah & The Whale reunion could occur at some point in the future?

“I don’t know! It’s definitely not imminent, but it’s not something I would say no to at some point”, Fink said.

“I think it’s difficult because the feeling is with, Noah that if we were going to do sme more stuff we would have to do something new. If we were going to come back, it would probably be to do more music. But we’ll see, we’re still in touch and we still meet up.”


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