Charlie Simpson makes his acting debut ‘In God We Trust’ – watch

Singer also tells NME about his new film score debut

Charlie Simpson has made his acting debut in a new film In God We Trust.

The former Busted singer stars as a covert operations interrogator in a film which he has described as “The Da Vinci Code meets 24“.

The film has been produced by Simpson’s Fightstar bandmates Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway and you can see the trailer for the flick by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.


Speaking to NME about the film, Simpson said of how it came about: “The idea for the film came out in about 2007. Dan [Haigh] and Al [Westaway] were talking about making this short film and they asked me if I’d be in it. It was originally going to be 25 minutes long and we’ve ended up extending it into a full feature. But because of the limited budget, we’ve made the short, put the trailer online and now we’re hoping to get more funding for it.”

Then asked about his character, Simpson said his role was to try and extract a piece of key information from a scientist, saying: “I play an interrogator who has to try and get information out of this scientist, who holds a piece of information that whenever he tells anyone, they end up killing themselves. It was a cool part to play.”

The film, which has cost £1,200 to make, has 40 minutes worth of completed footage and its producers are hoping to secure more funding to complete the feature. Asked how he would sum up the film’s plot, Simpson said: “It’s a weird mix between the Da Vinci Code and 24. It’s a very strange concept and it’s quite sensationalist, but it’s really interesting idea and works really well. There’s about 40 minutes done and it’d be amazing if they got funding to do the feature length version.”

Simpson also revealed he has just completed work on the score for British comedy Everyone’s Going To Die, which is due for release later this year.

Speaking about this, he added: “I’ve just scored my first feature film, which debuts next month. It’s a British dark comedy. That’s just been finished. I did all that myself. It’s all instrumental, bit of orchestral and a bit of electronic. There’s also a cover of a Micah P.Henson song on there which I’ve sang on. I love scores like Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ The Social Network, mixing orchestral and electronic music.”

Simpson also spoke about his plans for new material and said he is likely to release a second solo album before he regroups with Fightstar.


Asked about this, he said: “I’ve just come back from tour and I’m starting to write again. I’m going to work on new solo stuff first, I will do some more Fightstar stuff, but Dan and Al have got a sideproject called Gunship and so I’m going to press on with solo stuff. After that we’ll all regroup and start on new Fightstar.”

Charlie Simpson released his debut solo album ‘Young Pilgrim’ last summer. You can watch the video for the album’s lead-off single ‘Down Down Down’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.