Charlie Simpson: ‘UK riots just mindless criminality’

'Young Pilgrim' singer says he doesn't believe last week's events were politically motivated

Charlie Simpson has dismissed the idea that the riots that took place in the UK last week were motivated by a political conviction and has labelled them as “mindless criminality.”

The singer, who releases his debut solo album ‘Young Pilgrim’ today (August 15), which you can hear by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking, also spoke about the difficulties in getting his album released on time after a large number of copies were destroyed in the fire that burned down the PIAS warehouse on Monday night (August 8).

Asked in this morning’s Metro why he believed the riots had happened, Simpson replied:

It’s not like when you see rifts in other parts of the world like Greece and stuff – there’s political motivation there. With these riots, there is no political motivation – it’s literally just mindless criminality. That’s quite shocking and there’s absolutely no excuse for people’s livelihoods to be ruined and we’ve seen people’s homes been destroyed.


He also responded to a question about how the events had affected the release of ‘Young Pilgrim’ by saying:

It was really gutting. I saw it on the TV but didn’t realise it was the PIAS warehouse and then I suddenly realised and my manager rang me in the morning and said, ‘We have a real problem here’. For the first few hours on Tuesday, we thought we’d have to delay the release as we didn’t think we’d have enough stock to go to retails. It’s upsetting for all the people who worked so hard to sort it out and then suddenly the record label had so much more work to do and frantically run around.

Charlie Simpson tours the UK in October.

Charlie Simpson – Young Pilgrim by charliesimo