Charlie Sloth to host new rap show on Apple Music Beats 1

It comes after his sudden departure last year from BBC Radio 1

Charlie Sloth has announced a show on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

The Charlie Sloth Rap Show starts at 8pm this Saturday (January 19) which will hear the former BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ bring interviews and his famous ‘Fire In The Booth’ freestyles to a new audience.

Sloth spoke to fellow Apple Beats presenter Zane Lowe about his new show and what he hopes to bring to it.


“I feel that UK music is in a place that it’s never been in my whole time supporting the culture in the way that I have,” he said. “I feel that it’s desired in a way it’s never been before globally, and with Apple Music and Beats 1 I feel that I offer something to these artists in the UK that no other platform can offer at the moment.”

He added that it’s “exciting” to be involved in promoting British music right now.

“I think something that we lacked in the UK was different streams of urban music, of rap or hip hop. I feel that there’s so many different genres within the genre now that it makes it exciting. Everyone’s got their own vision, everyone’s got their own lane, their own drive, everyone’s got their own outlook on stuff…there’s so much going on and everyone’s bringing their own plate to the table. For me, it’s what’s making us so exciting and diverse at the minute.”

Sloth also explained how he strikes a balance between working with superstar acts like Drake and smaller artists like Loski for ‘Fire In The Booth’, his weekly fixture that challenges acts to freestyle rap on air.

Charlie Sloth is leaving Radio 1 immediately after insulting Edith Bowman at awards ceremony
Charlie Sloth


“For me, it’s all about artistry,” he said. “I don’t want to look at an artist and think, well he’s doing 100 million streams or he’s doing two million streams. I look at what they’re going to bring to the table for the audience. With FITB, what’s always made it special is there’s nowhere to hide, either you can rap or you can’t. There ain’t no hiding. There’s no studio engineer, there’s no one putting effects on your voice. It’s just go for it.”

Sloth worked for the BBC for nearly 10 years. In October he announced he was leaving the broadcaster in search of a “new challenge.”

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After almost 10 years of dedicating my life to BBC radio 1xtra & Radio 1 and achieving everything I set out to I’ve decided the time has come to leave the BBC and seek a new challenge. I want to thank everybody who has listened to me over the years and supported me in everything I have done I love you and the journey continues. I also want to say a huge thank you to the following people for always believing in me and supporting me while at the Bbc. Dellessa James Alex lawless Carlene Morlese Rob little john Julie Shepherd Rebecca frank Joe Harland Rhys Hughes Lim La Richards Janine kempadoo Hermet Chadha Rachal Mcalroy Alex Rata Lucy Hickling And especially Ben cooper for being a great leader and for giving me all the opportunities he has to prove myself I’m forever grateful I hope all my colleagues at 1xtra and radio 1 keep up the amazing work it’s been an incredible place to work and I’m honoured to have done so. I joined the BBC as a boy and I leave as a man. Together we have created some moments that will live forever. Charlie Sloth ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ANNOUNCEMENT ON WHATS NEXT COMING SOON ❤️

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The 37-year-old’s departure from BBC Radio 1/1xtra came after an incident in which he stormed the Audio & Radio Industry Awards (ARIAS) stage and told winner Edith Bowman: “fuck your life”.

His show lost out to Soundtracking with Edith Bowman in the ‘Best Specialist Music Show’ category. After the announcement, Sloth invaded the stage, grabbed the mic, and yelled: “Edith Bowman, fuck your life”.

The BBC and Sloth later agreed that his show contract would come to an immediate end.

The Charlie Sloth Rap Show airs every Saturday on Apple Music’s Beats 1 at 8pm (12pm LA/3pm NY).

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