Charlotte Church to tackle societal issues in reboot of ‘The Little Mermaid’

A new Cardiff festival will host Church's ambitious new project

Charlotte Church is to create an adapted version of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ to perform at Cardiff’s new ‘The Festival of Voice’.

In it, the singer will attempt to tackle societal issues, as well as linking back to her own early musical love, the songs from the Disney movie.

Church told The Guardian: “There is so much noise, there is so much information. With the internet and the way our modern world is now … does that give us more of a voice? With this production we wanted to tackle challenging issues affecting our world in a way that is optimistic and hopeful.”


She continued: “It is not musical theatre, it’s not really an opera, it has lots of contemporary classical elements and electronica. I have never seen anything like we’re trying to do, so if we achieve it, it will be great.”


Jonathan Powell and Siôn Trefor are creating the revised version of the Andersen classic alongside Church.

Church has been involved in a number of politically-leaning outings in recent years, including performing a song about climate change at a London protest march, talking politics at Glastonbury and getting involved in an anti-Tory protest.

The Festival of Voice is in its first year, but has ambitious aims in attempting to be on a par with some of Europe’s biggest offerings. It will run from June 3-12, with The Little Mermaid featuring on every day bar the first. Van Morrison is amongst the other performers at the event.

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