The 14-year-old singer knocks spots off the efforts by the likes of Oasis and Travis to conquer the States...

CHARLOTTE CHURCH has trounced UK rock heavyweights such TRAVIS and OASIS in the battle to conquer the US this year.

A surprise outsider in the race to claim the States, she streaked into the lead with her album ‘Dream A Dream’, currently at Number Seven in the Billboard chart, which has set a new record to become the most successful Christmas record by a British artist in the American charts.

The 14-year-old, who has sold more than seven million albums worldwide, has also become the youngest British artist to have a Top 10 album in the States.

And she is also the only artist to have three albums in the current Billboard Top 200, with her ‘Voice Of An Angel’ at Number 98 and her eponymous album at Number 180, which have shifted a quarter of a million units in the last week alone between them.

Back in Blighty, Charlotte’s ‘Songs Of Praise Special: Charlotte Church In The Holy Land’ will be broadcast on Christmas Eve on BBC1.