The outgoing US President gets the Christmas present of his dreams...

CHARLOTTE CHURCH is to sing for outgoing US President BILL CLINTON at the opening ceremony of the 77th annual CHRISTMAS PAGEANT OF PEACE in WASHINGTON DC on Monday (December 11).

The operatically-inclined British teen star will sing ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ from her new album ‘Dream A Dream’. There is also an accompanying video where the singer – who recently made headlines in the UK when she reached an out-of-court settlement with her former manager for an estimated £2 million – retraces the steps of the original Christmas story.

After flipping the switch on the Oxford Street Christmas lights in London, the teenage warbler will now be setting the United States alight when President Clinton switches on the National Christmas Tree, a 40-foot Colorado spruce just outside the White House, as she sings with the US Navy band.