A couple of days ago they were set to go head-to-head in a court case - but now everything's absolutely smashing between them...

CHARLOTTE CHURCH’s sacked manager JONATHAN SHALIT has spoken about his settlement with the teenage singing sensation and waxed lyrical about her future potential.

The deal was settled behind the scenes and rubber stamped at the High Court in London today (November 24). While details of the official figure agreed between the parties was not disclosed, it is reported that Church has paid out £2.3 million.

The case, which was expected to last two weeks, was called off two days ago (November 22) just before Shalit was scheduled to take the witness box and give evidence about what had earlier been described in Court as his “callous” sacking.


Today, after the brief hearing, Shalit said on the steps of the Court: “Everything’s been finished and settled very amicably. Charlotte is at school. I thank Sony Music for sorting everything out. It’s over and we are all very happy and pleased. Everything that Charlotte said two days ago I fully endorsed.

“The agreement itself is strictly confidential, and no way will we be talking about it on either side.

“The whole thing is over. Naturally I am sad it came to this but it has been

happily resolved and I think all sides are happy with the outcome. The

things that were said in court are a matter of public record but equally we

have made up our differences and everything has been forgotten.


“Charlotte Church is unique. When I discovered her in 1997 I knew she was very unique. I don’t think anyone else in the world will be discovering another Charlotte. There is only one Charlotte Church.

“I have no advice to offer Charlotte apart from wishing her the best of luck and hoping her new album is as successful as it is good. I already have three copies of her album for my godchildren. We are happy its over. We created one of the biggest stars in the world. Charlotte will continue for

ever. I am sure when I am 50 she will be a superstar like Barbra Streisand.

“Everyone is pleased it ended very quickly because Christmas is about to

come and no-one wants to be in court for any longer than necessary.”


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