Charlotte Church performs new song about climate change at London protest march – watch

Singer has been increasingly involved in anti-austerity and activist causes

Charlotte Church previewed a new song while performing at the climate change protest march in London on Sunday (November 29).

Over 50,000 people attended the rally, with Church’s new song written especially for the performance ahead of the climate change talks in Paris on Monday.

The song itself tackles the problem of climate change, featuring the lyrics: “Way before I even was born, we knew / We had learned we should be concerned or we’re doomed / But some chose to laugh in the face of an escapable fate; how brave / To pass on the buck to the unborn, how brave”.


“Politics to one little fish means nothing / But the opinion of all of us millions must count for something / Despite facts irrefutable it’s business as usual / Consume and condemn the one rock that’s liveable / With such great intelligence explain our intransigence / We know what we’ve got to do“.

Watch footage of the performance beneath, via The Guardian.

Church has recently been increasingly involved in anti-austerity and activist causes.

Church recently challenged Katie Hopkins to a charity boxing match after the newspaper columnist instigated a Twitter spat.

The Welsh singer branded the right-wing journalist a “parasite” after Hopkins mocked Church’s attendance at an anti-austerity rally in Cardiff following the Conservative election victory.