Charlotte Church offers to fight Katie Hopkins for charity

Welsh singer responded to columnist's 'wind your neck in' comment by offering a boxing match

Charlotte Church has challenged Katie Hopkins to a charity boxing match after the newspaper columnist instigated a Twitter spat.

The Welsh singer branded the right-wing journalist a “parasite” after Hopkins mocked Church’s attendance at an anti-austerity rally in Cardiff following last week’s Conservative election victory.

After pictures emerged of Church carrying a placard reading “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more”, Hopkins tweeted: “Oi!@charlotechurch wind your neck in. Your Welsh AND you lost. Own your problems.”

Church replied: “I have no interest in conversing with you. You lack humility AND you can’t spell. Parasite.”

She later challenged Hopkins – who has attracted controversy for taking aim at the disabled, immigrants and the mentally ill – to a charity boxing match.

Church had previously written a scathing open letter to David Cameron ahead of the general election. She later labelled him a “dickhead” after the Tories claimed a narrow majority on Thursday (May 7).