Check out the Ash guitar vixen 's in London for nowt thanks to NME.COM...

CHARLOTTE HATHERLEY is playing her first ever solo live dates this weekend – and NME.COM can get you in for free!

The hardest working lady in rock has been spending Ash’s one month off all year putting a band together to take solo album ‘Grey Will Fade’ on the road.

Talking about her plans for the tour, Charlotte told NME.COM: “I guess the album’s pretty layered, there’s a lot of harmonies and guitar stuff going on – the live gigs are gonna be a bit more stripped down and punky. Its gonna rock definitely. I’ve got some really great musicians playing as well. Being in a band like Ash I can nick really good musicians from other bands, its really good fun!”


NME.COM has a whole bunch of tickets for her show at London ULU on Sunday (September 26). Just email with your name and contact details and we’ll contact the first entrants by the end of today.

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