Charlotte Hatherley reveals truth behind Ash split

She says: 'Did I leave or was I fired?'

Charlotte Hatherley has spoken for the first time about her departure from Ash.

As previously reported the former guitarist left the band at the start of 2006. In a statement it was announced that it was a mutual decision.

However, Hatherley said that it was more complex than that. She said: “In the end it was the boys’ choice. They wanted to go back to being a three-piece. They knew I wasn’t happy in the band any more so they assumed that I’d be fine with the decision.


“I did find it was a bit weird. I left the conversation thinking: ‘What just happened there? Did I leave or was I fired?’ But it was all very nice and there were no hard feelings.”

Hatherley says she was unhappy with the direction that band were taking with their 2004 album ’Meltdown’.

She told The Independent: “The boys were really in love with American music and with America. After years of touring the States they were listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, stuff I’ve never really been into.

“I found recording ’Meltdown’ really difficult. Basically I coldn’t relate to it. Things were getting a bit stale and I think we all needed something to change.”

Hatherley has just released her second solo album ’The Deep Blue’.