Chase And Status’ Reading Festival set interrupted by crowd problems

Festival boss Melvin Benn calls on dance outfit's MC Rage to calm fans down after they surge towards the barrier

Chase and Status were forced to stop their set at Reading Festival several times tonight (August 24) after many fans down the front were getting crushed against the barrier.

The dance outfit had to halt their set during ‘Let You Go’, which saw MC Rage calling for the crowd to take a step back. “A lot of people are being crushed and we can’t carry on,” he said. “Reading are you with me? Then fucking move back then.”

Festival boss Melvin Benn looked visibly concerned and even whispered in Rage’s ear to get him to calm the huge crowd that had gathered for their performance. Rage added: “Anyone who is on the floor please step over the barriers. Seriously we need everyone to push back.”


The band then re-started the track from scratch. From the outset the crowd were surging forward and Rage found himself having to stop tracks to get people to take a step back: “Everybody take a step back people are getting crushed. You need to take a step back so we can get this party started. We need a bit of space down the front so we can carry this shit on,” he pleaded.

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The same thing happened during forthcoming single ‘Count On Me’, which saw them joined by singer Moko, with Rage calling on the crowd to pick people up. Despite the crowd surge, the dance outfit finished their set and also brought on singers Ellie Ingram, Liam Bailey and Louis M^ttrs for a series of tracks from their back catalogue, while other guest artists including Plan B were played out on a giant screen.

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