Check out the dream-like, disorientating new track from Melody’s Echo Chamber

'Bon Voyage' is out next month

Melody’s Echo Chamber has unveiled a new track titled ‘Desert Horse’ – listen below.

The French musician announced her long-awaited comeback last month, detailing the album ‘Bon Voyage’ and releasing the track ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’. In 2017, Melody Prochet was forced to delay the record and cancel a tour after suffering an unspecified serious accident.

Now, the singer has shared another new slice of the upcoming LP. ‘Desert Horse’ presents a beautiful mishmash of organic and glitchy electro sounds – diving suddenly into various directions across its five-minute duration.


‘Bon Voyage’ will be released on June 15. It follows her 2012 self-titled debut, which was produced by Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker. Prochet had initially started work on its follow-up with ex-boyfriend Parker.

The tracklist for ‘Bon Voyage’ is as follows:

1. Cross My Heart
2. Breathe In, Breathe Out
3. Desert Horse
4. Var Har Du Vart
5. Quand Les Larmes D’un Ange Font Danser La Neige
6. Visions Of Someone Special, On A Wall Of Reflections
7. Shirim

Last month the musician said that she’s not ready to speak of her accident in detail, but told Pitchfork: “Today I feel blessed, as I’m healed. It’s been traumatic but it has beautifully put some perspective into my eyes and broke a life pattern that didn’t work for me. I’m lucky it revealed more light.”