Check out Slipknot’s gleaming brand new stage outfits

Corey Taylor now has a very different look from his bandmates

Slipknot have unveiled their second new set of stage costumes.

The latest outfits were revealed at Washington DC festival Pain In The Grass.

The costumes arrive ahead of Slipknot’s new album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, which is released next Friday (August 9).


Having worn black jumpsuits at their previous shows this year, the new outfits see the band dressed in white. They are all matching, apart from Corey Taylor’s costume. You can see Slipknot perform ‘Spit It Out’ in the new costumes below.

Taylor’s outfit features a white stripe, splitting his mostly black costume. It also has broad pinstripes and stitching in the cheeks of his mask.

Some of Slipknot wore the sleeves of the new outfits rolled down, some rolled up. Whether this is a significant move to denote their status in the band, a coded message or just depending on how hot they were on stage has yet to be ascertained.

NME reviewer Jordan Bassett hailed the album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ as “astonishing” in a five-star review. He wrote: “It’s a roaring, horrifying delve into the guts of the band’s revulsion, a primal scream of endlessly inventive metal and searing misanthropy.”


Having headlined Download in June, Slipknot have no further UK shows confirmed to coincide with ‘We Are Not Your Kind’. There are shows for their own Knotfest in Japan, France, Mexico and Colombia as well as an extensive US tour starting in September.

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