The Chemical Brothers say they “wanted to thank Keith Flint at Glastonbury”

The dance duo showed photos of the late Prodigy star during their Other Stage headline performance

The Chemical Brothers have spoken about paying tribute to The Prodigy’s Keith Flint during their Glastonbury appearance, saying they wanted to “thank” him.

The dance duo headlined the festival’s Other Stage on Saturday night (June 29) and showed images of Flint at the end of their set, as well as the message: “In memory Keith Flint, 1969-2019.”

Speaking to Sky News, the band’s Ed Simons said the tribute “felt like giving people an opportunity to give him a round of applause, to mark his memory and reflect on the sadness of what happened, and to say thanks.”


He added: “He was a friend of ours and was always really kind to us. Glastonbury was a big place for The Prodigy.”

Flint’s band were due to perform at this year’s festival, but cancelled after the frontman’s death in March.

The Chemical Brothers previously spoke about Flint in their NME Big Read last month. “The Prodigy were always kind and supportive,” Tom Rowlands said. “They’d managed to make their band encapsulate that feeling that connected us to dance music; escape and abandonment.

“Keith embodied this spirit. What he represented was so indestructible and he was just this complete life force, but on the inside he was really hurting. His death was really shocking and I felt for the rest of the band and his friends and family.”

Liam Gallagher also used his Glastonbury set to pay tribute to The Prodigy frontman. At the end of his appearance on the Pyramid Stage, the former Oasis star closed his performance with a piano version of ‘Champagne Supernova’, dedicating the track to Flint.