Professor Green defends Cher Lloyd after she was pelted with bottles of urine at V Festival

Rapper labels the bottle throwers 'fucking disgusting' and says the singer was right to flee the stage

Professor Green has defended Cher Lloyd after she was booed offstage at a V Festival on Sunday (August 19) and reportedly left the stage in tears after she was hit with bottles filled with urine. You can watch fan footage of the incident at the bottom of the page.

The ‘Swagger Jagger’ singer was performing at the festival’s leg at Hylands Park, Chelmsford when she was struck by a bottle two songs into her set and left the stage. She later returned, however, and told the crowd: “It’s hard enough being up here, but it’s not nice having bottles of piss chucked at you.”

Green, who also performed at V Festival over the weekend, took to Twitter to defend Lloyd and labelled the crowd’s bottle throwers as “fucking disgusting”.


He wrote: “Someone needs to have a word with themselves… how fucking disgusting can people be? Chin up Cher Lloyd. It’s easier to walk away from a stage if you don’t like an artist than it is to fill a bottle with piss and launch it, surely?”

He added: “I got hit with a pound coin once. I suspect it cost the person who threw it more than it did me. I’d take the hate and the success over being unsuccessful and as stuck as I was before any day of the week.”

Example also weighed in with his take on the matter, writing: “Whilst I’m not a fan of Cher Lloyd, I don’t think anyone deserves bottles of piss thrown at them. Stick to plain old booing in future people.”

In October last year, Lloyd admitted that the public’s criticism of her was almost enough to make her quit music. Lloyd, who claimd that the campaign she found herself subjected to made her scared to leave her house, said: “I know people think I’m a bitch but they don’t realise I put on a massive front. When I go home and close the door I break down, phone my mum and dad and cry. It got to the point when I thought ‘Why am I doing this?'”

This year’s V Festival was headlined by The Stone Roses and The Killers, with sets also coming from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The Enemy, Example, Miles Kane and Frank Turner. To read a full review of this year’s V Festival, pick up next week’s copy of NME, which is onsale on Wednesday (August 22).