Cherry Glazerr say the extent of sexism in the music industry is “outrageous”

The band also described the sexism they experience on tour as "simply unreal"

LA trio Cherry Glazerr have issued a statement on social media slamming the level of sexism they experience in the music industry.

On Sunday (July 29), the band criticised the sexist treatment they receive on tour, adding that their front of house staff, sound engineers and tour manager also experience similar levels of sexism.

Issuing a statement via Facebook, the band described the sexism they receive as “outrageous.”


The amount of sexism that my band and sound engineer / tour manager face on the road is simply unreal sometimes. It’s…

Posted by Cherry Glazerr on Saturday, July 28, 2018

They wrote: The amount of sexism that [our] band and sound engineer / tour manager face on the road is simply unreal sometimes. It’s outrageous. We walk into a venue and people look the other way. They treat us with open hostility. They ignore us, call us names.”

“The amount of names our FOH has been called besides her own name, or at least, “your front of house” is unbelievable – Miss, Missy, “The Lady”, sweetie. It’s simply disgusting.”

“We’re ignored, hated. It feels so awful when the stage manager looks at us and scoffs, looks the other way when we come in through the door. They ask us what we’re doing here, why are we here? Who are we? We’re the band that you hired… then they accuse us of being difficult, just for existing it seems.”

The statement didn’t allude to a single incident, but to multiple experiences saying “we are all victims”.

They added: “[We] walk into a venue with an open mind and an open heart, [We] do not assume that people will be disrespectful to us. Why would they be? What’s the point of that? …We’re a professional band, this isn’t our first rodeo. Instead they stand there with their arms crossed and sneer at us.”


“And when we ask them for their help (their job), they roll their eyes and laugh at us, as if to say “of course you need help.” When in fact it’s their job to help us. Any band. It makes me sick, fills me with a rage that I know can’t be healthy for me.”

Forming in 2013, the rock band comprises three members: Clementine Creevy, Devin O’Brien and Tabor Allen. Their debut, ‘Haxel Princess’ was released in 2014 to acclaimed reviews, with their 90’s alt-rock sound often compared to The Breeders.

Their latest, second album, ‘Apocalipstick’ was released in 2017 and single ‘Cherry Bomb’ featured on NME’s new music of the day last year. They released a new single ‘Juicy Socks’ earlier this year.

The band concluded the statement by blaming the “patriarchy”, saying: “I feel bad for them, living with such anger and stupidity. I don’t blame men, of course. I blame the patriarchy, of which we are all victims. But god damn, some of them really do make it hard not to.”

The band are due to play two nights in New York at Brooklyn Steel on August 1 and 2 then House of Vans on August 3. They will also headline a show at New York’s Rough Trade, also on August 3.