Chester Bennington’s ex-wife files claim for alleged owed child support and royalties

His entire estate was left to to his wife and six children.

The late Chester Bennington’s ex-wife has filed a claim with his estate for money she says she is owed.

Samantha Olit was married to the Linkin Park singer – who died in Julym aged 41 – between 1996 – 2005, and the couple have a son together, called Draven.

According to TMZ, Olit has filed a claim with Bennington’s estate for money she’s allegedly owed.


She claims she’s owed child support from 2012 – 2017, which she estimates at over $502,500 ($376,094) plus interest. She’s also asking for a share in the late singer’s non-touring merchandise income, as well as other music royalty rights.

Last month it was revealed that Bennington’s entire estate has been left to his wife, Talinda Bennington, and six children.

Some assets, such as his retirement account, will go straight to Talinda, while the rest will go to the Chester and Talinda Bennington Family Trust.

Ex-wife Samantha wrote a heartfelt tribute on a Facebook post days after her ex-husband died, hailing his “God given talent”.

“I have always missed him singing throughout our home & loved it when he would visit, he would sing for us every time we ask or just spontaneously,” she wrote,

“He absolutely had a God given talent! We are all created the same & connected so Chester you are never “gone”. Our souls & energy are forever connected.”


She has since spoken out about the singer’s “disgusting” funeral service, which took place on July 29.

In the post, Samantha Bennington says that she and her son were not given the opportunity to speak at the funeral service and goes on to speak of a previous “financial sacrifice.”

Meanwhile, last month Linkin Park announced a live album in honour of Bennington, which was released on December 15. It includes live recordings taken from the singer’s final tour with the band in support of this year’s ‘One More Light’, the band’s seventh studio album.