Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze share new documentary

The documentary digs deep into a new album featuring Bennington's vocals

Grey Daze, the band fronted by a teenage Chester Bennington before he started Linkin Park, have released a new mini-documentary about their early days, and their upcoming new album featuring his vocals.

The eight-minute video shared by Loudwire, and available to watch below, looks back at when Bennington joined the band at 15 years of age, and also focuses on a Grey Daze reunion they had been planning before the frontman took his own life in 2017.


Bennington was invited to join the band after auditioning in 1993 and was their frontman before they split five years later. He remained on good terms with drummer Sean Dowdell, and the two started their Club Tattoo business in 2003.

“Fast forward to 2016, Chester’s on the road, calls me and says I think it’s time we did another Club Tatoo party we haven’t done one in a few years, and I think we should put Grey Daze back together and play a show,” Dowdell remembers in the documentary.

“In July 2017 we were supposed to bring our rehearsals with him after he got off the road, obviously July 20th what happened happened and Chester was tragically taken from us.”

Dowdell adds that after Bennington’s death “There was still part of [me] that was like ‘oh my God, we never got to finish what we started together.”

The documentary also takes a look at the sessions for the band’s upcoming album, which makes use of recordings by the late singer.


The record features contributions from Bennington’s long-time friends Korn, as well as from his son Jaime Bennington.

Speaking about the album’s vocals, Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch says in the documentary: “The range, the power, it sounds like he’s in his prime, at his peak. I get chills when I hear his voice on this project.”

Grey Daze guitarist Cristin Daze adds: “The mindset was really about making sure that we’re staying true to the initial vision and what Chester wanted, and making sure that we make him proud and make the people that love him proud.”

Last week, Grey Daze shared the first song from the as-yet-untitled album. The track, titled ‘What’s In The Eye’, was initially recorded in 1993 and 1996.