Chester Bennington’s son has released a video for Suicide Prevention Week

15-year-old son Draven Bennington urges those struggling to seek help

Chester Bennington‘s son Draven Sebastien Bennington has filmed a spot for Suicide Prevention Week.

The nu-metal idol was found dead in his California home after taking his own life on July 20. He was aged just 41-years-old.

In the short clip, 15-year-old Draven says, “I want to make a commitment that I will talk to someone before I hurt myself, when I’m feeling depressed or sad or going through a hard week or month or year,” says Bennington’s son. “And I want to challenge you to do the same, to help yourself, not hurt yourself.” Watch it below.

National Suicide Prevention Week takes place from September 10-16.

Meanwhile, Bennington‘s widow Talinda shared a photo of the late Linkin Park frontman taken just days before he died.

The likes of Dave Grohl and Slipknot’s Clown have spoken out to warn to people to be more aware and understanding of depression in the wake of Bennington’s death, and now his widow Talinda has done the same.

Sharing a recent photo of a family holiday, she wrote: “This was days before my husband took his own life. Suicidal thoughts were there, but you’d never know. #fuckdepression”.