Chester French still ‘lugging own gear’ despite tabloid notoriety

Plus band speak exclusively about debut album

Chester French believe their current tabloid notoriety is neither a help nor a hindrance to them as a band.

The band, signed personally to Pharrell Williams‘ label, went from promising newcomers to red top regulars after guitarist Max Drummey married Peaches Geldof in Las Vegas last week.

However speaking exclusively to NME.COM, frontman DA Wallach said the current coverage will not mean much for the band.

“It’s Max‘s personally life and either one of us should be able to do what we want personally, but we’re still coming over here and are still a start up band,” he explained. “We’re still lugging our own gear around and we’re trying to win one fan by one fan. The tabloids don’t say anything about the music, so we’re left with as much work to do.

“The strangest was when they came over to LA. I had five British guys knocking on my door, ‘Really, you guys fly all the way over here for that?’ You almost want to offer them shelter.”

As far as the band’s music goes Wallach revealed they have just finished their debut album, the end of a three-year musical odyssey for the duo.

“We’ve just finished mixing the record, but basically it’s the record we made when we were in college,” he said. “Max and I were engineers at the student recording studio so we engineered, wrote and produced the whole thing while we were students. We’ve lived with this album for three years, this record has our whole heart and soul in it and it feels like we’ve been tinkering with it since the end of the universe.

“I think because we didn’t make it ‘professionally’ and didn’t have any help we just had to figure out to do everything. Because the record has so many sounds on it like strings and horns, Max had to learn to write and arrange all that stuff and write out scores. We didn’t know how to record any of this stuff. Everything we did was a total adventure.”

Admitting it was inspired by Outkast and The Beatles‘ love of musical detail, the pair explained they set themselves the rule “nobody should hear anything twice”.

“That means when you get to the second verse something has to be different, it has to keep moving so people don’t get bored,” said Wallach. “Music today is static, songs have been the casualty, so we wanted to make something you couldn’t predict.”

While a release date is yet to be confirmed, Chester French are currently touring the UK supporting Williams‘s band N.E.R.D

“Our first tour was with N.E.R.D in the US, it’s an amazing way to get your feet wet, and it’s been great here,” said Wallach. “It’s got a great family vibe, everyone is really supportive and hangs out and that’s awesome, I imagine it’s what it must have been like to be on a Motown tour.”