Aussie musician Chet Faker releases NYC blizzard-themed song ‘In-Between’ – listen

It features a sample of a winter weather emergency speech by NYC mayor Bill de Blasio

Australian musician and New York resident Chet Faker has released a blizzard-themed new track titled ‘In-Between’.

The song features a drum track, a simple guitar line and increasingly siren-like synths. There are no vocals, but Faker cuts in words from a state of emergency speech by NYC mayor Bill de Blasio from January 26, 2015, when there was another snowstorm.

“This is not going to be like other snowstorms. It is going to be – by all indications – worse. And people have to be ready,” said de Blasio last year. “We are today issuing a weather – a winter weather state of emergency, and we will be taking additional actions this afternoon to secure our roads and our city, to make sure our people will be safe.”


As a result of the 2015 snowstorm there were three fatalities, while this year’s death toll has already reached 17. 74,000 people are now without power in eastern states.

Listen to ‘In-Between’ below:

Meanwhile, another emergency has struck the city of Flint in Midwestern America. Pearl Jam have pledged a donation of $125,000 (£87,600) to a relief fund for citizens of the city in Michigan, in response to what has become known as the Flint Water Crisis.

The city’s drinking water supply has been found to have contained lead since it switched its water supply from Detroit’s water system to its own Flint River supply in 2014, as an austerity measure. Residents have complained of vomiting fits, rashes and hair loss as a result of the foul-smelling water.

The crisis reached a head last week (January 16) when a leading doctor declared that every child should be treated as if they had been exposed to lead – a toxic element that accumulates in teeth, soft tissue and bones, and can be lethal. Earlier this month the governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, declared a state of emergency and the national guard were brought in to distribute bottled water.

It has since been reported that water authorities across the US have been distorting the results of testing to downplay the amount of lead in samples.


In addition to Pearl Jam’s $125,000, “a close group of the band’s friends and partners” will add a further $175,000 to the aid effort. These donors include Live Nation, Republic Records, Glaser Progress Foundation, Ticketmaster, Universal Music Publishing Group and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

Other musicians helping to fund the relief effort and encouraging their fans to do so include Jack White, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Cher and Michael Moore.