Nile Rodgers says a Number One for Chic would make for ‘the greatest day of my life’

The producer and musician has said he's currently trying to write the best songs of his life

Nile Rodgers has said that his aim for 2014 is to score a Number One single with his band Chic.

Following a successful year of collaborations with other artists, including a celebrated guest spot on Daft Punk‘s Number One album ‘Random Access Memories’, Rodgers has told NME that a Number One with Chic would make for “the greatest day of my life”, as it would mark 35 years between the time Chic last hit the top spot with ‘Le Freak’. Rodgers commented:

What I’m really hoping for next year – if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t – but [is] to have a Number One record with Chic. Because it would be 35 years between the two. Our careers were derailed because of ‘disco sucks’ and if I wound up getting a Number One Chic record next year I may consider that the greatest day of my life, in a life that has had a lot of great days.

He added: “That’s what I’m aiming for. So right now I’m trying to write the best songs I have written in my entire life and by doing a lot of collaborations, I’m getting a huge amount of practice.”

Disclosure recently unveiled their collaboration with Nile Rodgers. Titled ‘Together’, the song features Sam Smith, who appeared on the London dance duo’s single ‘Latch’, and songwriter Jimmy Napes. Speaking previously about the collaboration, Sam Smith said he was “dribbling with happiness” to be working with Rodgers.

“Nile was explaining how Chic was seen as underground music and how some people just didn’t get it,” he said. “So I guess that was a lesson on sticking to your guns, and I suppose overall he was telling me and the Disclosure boys to base our music on the reaction of the fans, instead of commercially orientating our music.” Hailing Rodgers as “a true legend”, Smith enthused: “For me, it was just crazy to be in the company of people that I have looked up to my whole life. It’s been very, very surreal.”

Rodgers announced the collaboration on Twitter, back in September, saying: “Gonna sleep from 7 to 9 then another KICK A$$ session with @Disclosure. They are the REAL F-ing DEAL.”