Nile Rodgers says Daft Punk will collaborate with him on ‘lost’ Chic material

French duo are to help songwriter tidy up material found in a vault after 35 years

Nile Rodgers has revealed that Daft Punk will help him finish recording songs he made with Chic and had previously thought was lost.

The veteran songwriter and producer, who most recently has topped the charts alongside Daft Punk with ‘Get Lucky’, recently revealed that he has a number of old Chic songs he discovered and that he is hoping to finish work on them before releasing them to the public.

Speaking to DJAZZtv, Rodgers has now confirmed that Daft Punk are keen to help him finish the songs. “Daft Punk wants to do at least one of them with me, so that should be very cool. Because they respect the music, they understand.”

Rodgers previously revealed he thinks of the music he discovered as being by Chic, explaining: “The absolute coolest thing is that I finally retrieved some music that I thought was lost, when I was getting my first solo record deal. Obviously, I had a lot of my Chic bandmates play on some songs that I was working on. So, I basically call it “the lost Chic album”, even though it’s really a Nile Rodgers record.”

Discussing his reasons for thinking of the music as being a Chic album, Rodgers says: “Bernard Edwards, Tony Thompson, Alfa and Luci are singing on it. They’re just demos, but they’re amazing. So now I get to jam with my best friends and I think that I’m going to complete these songs. They sound really good to me, after being tucked away in a vault for 35 years. I restored the tapes and they sound absolutely brilliant.”

As well as releasing their own album, ‘Random Access Memories’, in 2013, Daft Punk have also collaborated with Kanye West on his album ‘Yeezus’.