Nile Rodgers working on ‘EDM-country’ collaboration with Keith Urban

Chic star is also making music with model Cara Delevigne

Nile Rodgers is reportedly working on a new country music/EDM crossover project with an Australian country singer.

Rodgers, who recently played British Summer Time festival at London’s Hyde Park, is allegedly set to team up with Keith Urban on a ‘EDM-country’ collaboration, according to Yahoo Music’s Ram Country website.

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“I really pushed him to sing at the top of his range,” Rodgers said of the collaboration. “Keith was nervous about it; he wanted to do another take. But I told him I loved the way it sounds.”

Rodgers added: “His fans may have some kind of problem at first. But my biggest records have always been like that. A lot of people, the only record they ever bought by David Bowie was ‘Let’s Dance’. That’s at least [seven] million albums — he’d never sold anything near that before. So his fanbase got angry: ‘This sucks! This is not Ziggy Stardust! That’s not Scary Monsters!’ But it was huge because it spoke to a broader audience. I think a record like this will speak to a broader audience [for Urban], and the country people will come around.”

Meanwhile, Rodgers also told The Sun this week that he’s working in the studio with model Cara Delevigne. “I would say she’s a rock chick and a really cool one too,” he said. “It’s not helping, it’s collaborating. When she played me her tracks I was shocked, it’s cool.”

Nile Rodgers went busking on London’s Southbank earlier this week (June 22), with the funk legend earning only £12.30 in 20 minutes. “This really was a blast today. I truly used to like busking. I made a decent living and some lifelong friends,” he later said of the experience, adding that he started out his musical career when he was young and homeless by busking.