Chicago’s Trump Tower to be obscured by Pink Floyd inspired pigs for one day

The animals will block out the President's name on the building this summer

Chicago’s Trump Tower is to be obscured by pigs inspired by Pink Floyd for one day this summer.

The building will have four gold pigs placed in front of it that will cover up the President’s name.

Architect Jeffrey Roberts is behind the stunt and announced the installation, called ‘Flying Pigs On Parade’, last November.


AsĀ Architectural Digest reports, each pig is 30 feet by 15 feet and will be tethered to a barge on the Chicago river. Roberts also plans to move them to other cities in the US with buildings owned by Trump.

Pink Floyd Animals

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“In 1977, Pink Floyd rendered their musical interpretation of the allegory into the concept album ‘Animals’ in response to social-political conditions in late-70s Britain,” Roberts said of the project on its official website. “Like Orwell’s book, the interpretative messages of ‘Animals’ have unfortunately become highly relevant again.”

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