Chicken Connoisseur visits Jay-Z’s old chicken shop in new episode of ‘The Pengest Munch’

"Slightly slimy; barely a crunch"

Internet sensation Chicken Connoisseur has visited young Jay-Z’s favourite chicken shop in the latest episode of The Pengest Munch.

In the ‘New York Spesh’ episode, Chicken Connoisseur, AKA Elijah Quashie, drives around the Big Apple with A$AP mob member A$AP Bari, on a tour of the best greasy food outlets.

The tour takes them from Texas in Harlem (a highly rated 4.2), to Kennedy Chicken in The Bronx (a lowly 2) before finishing up at Crown Fried Chicken in Brooklyn (2.4).


Before the tasting starts, Bari, who is pescatarian, gives Quashie some background info on what to expect on the tour: “We don’t do strip burgers” and “American chicken is not as wavy as y’all chicken.”

Crown Fried Chicken, based in Brooklyn, is located close to where Jay-Z lived in the Marcy Projects, and has pictures of the rapper visiting the shop on the walls. The store was subsequently used as the setting for Jay-Z’s cover shoot with Blaze Magazine in 1998.

However, whilst Quashie was a big fan of the Crown Fried Chicken fries (“So far in my life I can’t say I’ve had better chips”), he was less keen on the rest of the menu, declaring the “booky” wings, “slightly slimy; barely a crunch”, and the burger assembly “all over the place”.

Watch the full video below: