Chicks On Speed meet the Delta 5 on speed...

Chicks On Speed release a new single at the end of this month, a cover of the Delta 5‘s late 70s post-punk classic ‘Mind Your Own Business’.

The flip-side is a remix by Patrick Pulsinger called ‘Do You Understand?’.

Delta 5 were part of the late 70s agit-pop boom, signed to Rough Trade they used to gig regularly with The Gang Of Four.


The US/Australian/German based Chicks On Speed, described by some critics as the last great band of the millennium, recently played to a packed and ecstatic crowd at The End in London.

Chicks On Speed will be filming an appearance for Scottish cable/digital show The Beat Room music show – which will be shown on BBC Choice later in the year – will be filmed at G2 in Glasgow on November 23. Admission is free and gABBA (who play hardcore versions of ABBA songs) are also on the bill.

Chicks On Speed also play Blow Up at The London W1 Wag on November 27 with more dates possibly lined up the following month.

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