Chief Keef in trouble with police after urging fans to egg college student’s house

Rapper directed one million Twitter followers to an address in Minneapolis

Chicago rapper Chief Keef had found himself in trouble over the weekend after calling on fans to vandalise a random Minneapolis home.

The 20-year-old Kanye West collaborator directed his one million Twitter followers to an address in Minneapolis, urging them to “throw eggs and shit in a bag, and rocks and all that at this address”.

The address, seemingly chosen at random, is the home to three female college student. One of the residents, named Ashley, told ABC Eyewitness News: “I’m fearing for my safety… Social media goes on forever. You could re-tweet this in four months and throw eggs at my house.”

Keef later deleted his tweet but while no damage has yet been done to the property, police have safeguarded the home. The rapper’s fans later uploaded videos of the police outside the house.

“You have a lot of say in what goes on in the world, being so famous, that this is just kind of sickening in what you do with your time, and if you’re going to put a hit on a house, you make sure that they live there,” Ashley added.

Following the incident, Chief Keef posted a message to Twitter, saying: “They might have the police looking for me”.

Last year, Chief Keef revealed plans to run to be Mayor of Chicago after facing opposition from local authorities when he planned to host a concert via hologram in the city.

The city’s current mayor Rahm Emanuel labelled Keef as an “unacceptable role model” who “promotes violence”, resulting in Keef’s claimed bid to be his successor.