Rupert Browne manages to shut down Paddington Station for two hours...

CHIKINKI frontman RUPERT BROWNE managed shut down PADDINGTON STATION today (May 4) on the way to the band’s show in LONDON.

The band, who release new single ‘Ether Radio’ on June 7, caught the train to London for the gig. Browne briefly left his suitcase in the station, only to return to a bombscare.

The entire station was shut down for over two hours as Rupert’s case, which contained all his clothes for the tour, was destroyed.

“I’d like to apologise to any rail passengers whose journey was delayed today”, explained Rupert to NME.COM. “I have been warned about my foolish behaviour by the transport police and shall be more vigilant (if worse dressed now I’ve had my clothes destroyed) in future”.

The singer has now been forced to borrow fellow bandmember Boris’s clothes for this evening’s gig at the Metro, but has put out a plea to fans for T-shirts as he stands a foot taller than his keyboardist.

The Bristol based five-piece will play with support from The Koreans and Kaiser Cheifs.

The bands album ‘Lick Your Ticket’ is out on June 21.

Full tour dates are:

Plymouth University SU (May 5)

Taunton Cafe Mamba (6)

Leeds Josephs Well (7)

Sunderland Bar 36 (9)

Stoke On Trent The Underground (11)

Manchester Jabez Clegg (12)

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