New Childish Gambino album to feature Chance The Rapper and Azealia Banks

Former 'Community' actor releases second album 'Because The Internet' on December 10

The track-listing for Childish Gambino‘s forthcoming second album ‘Because The Internet’ has been revealed.

According to its pre-order page on iTunes Australia, the album will feature 19 tracks including collaborations with Chance The Rapper and Azealia Banks. ‘Because The Internet’, Gambino’s follow-up to his 2011 debut LP ‘Camp’, is set for release on December 10.

Last month (October) Childish Gambino posted a hand-written seven-page letter on Instagram listing his anxieties and desires for his new album. The rapper, comedian and former Community actor – whose real name is Donald Glover – detailed a list of fears, saying he’s scared that “people hate who I really am” and that people would find out “what I masturbate to”. Most surprising of all, however, was his admission that he “didn’t leave Community to rap” and how he “doesn’t want to rap”.


He later explained the worrying letter in an interview with NME, insisting: “I’m not having a personality crisis, more like a personality burst.” He also confirmed that he is not actually giving up his music career – but simply objects to calling himself a “rapper”.

“I just don’t like the term ‘rapper’. It exists but I’m definitely not a rapper,” he explained. “Rap is all balances of coolness and who can do the most with just their bravado. I don’t have that. That’s not my game. I’m not going to make certain things ‘cool’. But it means that I am going where rappers can’t go.”

The ‘Because The Internet’ track-listing in full:

‘The Library (Intro)’
‘I. Crawl’
‘II. worldstar’
‘Dial Up
‘I. The worst guys’ (feat. Chance the Rapper)
‘II. shadows’
‘III. telegraph ave. (“Oakland” by Lloyd)’
‘IV. sweatpants’
‘V. 3005’
‘Playing Around Before the Party Starts’
‘I. The Party’
‘II. no exit’
‘Death By Numbers’
‘I. Flight of the Navigator’
‘I. zealots of stock hold (free information)’
‘III. urn’
‘I. pink toes ‘(feat. Jhene Aiko)
‘II. earth: The oldest computer (The last night)’ (feat. Azealia Banks)
‘III. life: the biggest troll (andrew auernheimer)’