Childish Gambino booed offstage in Australia amid false advertising claims

Rapper criticised for 'ensemble DJ set' promoted as headline performance

US rapper Childish Gambino was booed offstage at a show in Australia after fans claimed that the show was false advertised.

As The Guardian reports, the hip-hop star and Community actor (real name Donald Glover) performed as part of an “ensemble DJ set” at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle, New South Wales on Thursday (October 1). However, punters had been expecting a full headline show.

Reports claim that “audience members chanted obscenities and heckled” as Glover “largely [took] a back seat to the other featured artists”.


Fans took to social media to express their disappointment at the show, with one writing that Glover and co “payed a bunch of stuff off a mixtape that 90 per cent of people didn’t know”, with another stating that the star performed “only one song, twice”.

A statement posted to the venue’s Facebook page apologises to fans but refuses to take responsibility for the incident.

It reads: “To everyone who came to see Childish Gambino show last night we are as disappointed as all of you. We had the opportunity to present Childish Gambino to Newcastle in an intimate gig and we jumped at the chance as we aim to bring the best possible acts to Newcastle for music lovers. As seen last night, unfortunately we have no control over the acts performance once on stage”

“For those that aren’t aware, Canberra and ourselves were 2 additional Childish Gambino shows that were promoted in the exact same way as part of his current tour and we were extremely excited to be presented with this opportunity. Subsequently he didn’t deliver on what was billed and expected by everyone, including us.”

Marcus Wright from promoters Big Apachee told The Guardian that there were “no words in the contract about a DJ set”.

Following the controversy, Glover has cancelled a similar performance scheduled at Canberra’s Academy Club for Friday (October 2).


See footage from the Newcastle show and tweets from fans below.