Childish Gambino criticises record label over new video and begs rival labels to sign him

US rapper not happy with Glassnote Records over 'Sweatpants' video

Childish Gambino has issued a ‘come and get me’ plea to record labels after falling out with his label over a music video.

Yesterday (April 14) saw a video for the song ‘Sweatpants’, which features on Gambino’s latest album ‘Because The Internet’, surface online (see above). However, the rapper was not happy with the way in which the video reveal was handled and soon began making his feelings known via Twitter.

Posting a series of tweets on the subject of his relationship with Glassnote Recordings (Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club), the rapper/ actor tweeted: “This sweatpants video and blog was important to us and it wasnt handled correctly. We were told a lot of things were gonna happen and they were all lies. So I’m done. Someone buy me out of this contract.”


He went on to state that Def Jam and Atlantic were both interested in signing him and claimed he had been lied to about the video by his label. Scroll up to watch the ‘Sweatpants’ video at the top of the page now.

In October 2013 Childish Gambino posted a hand-written seven-page letter on Instagram listing his anxieties and desires for his new album. The rapper, comedian and former Community actor detailed a list of fears, saying he’s scared that “people hate who I really am” and that people would find out “what I masturbate to”. Most surprising of all, however, was his admission that he “didn’t leave Community to rap” and how he “doesn’t want to rap”.

He later explained the letter in an interview with NME, insisting: “I’m not having a personality crisis, more like a personality burst.” He also confirmed that he is not actually giving up his music career – but simply objects to calling himself a “rapper”. He continued: “I just don’t like the term ‘rapper’. It exists but I’m definitely not a rapper. Rap is all balances of coolness and who can do the most with just their bravado. I don’t have that. That’s not my game. I’m not going to make certain things ‘cool’. But it means that I am going where rappers can’t go.”