Watch Childish Gambino’s cameo-filled new video for ‘Feels Like Summer’

It features a crying Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat

Childish Gambino‘s new video is here. You can watch the animated clip for ‘Feels Like Summer’ below, which features a shedload of cameos.

The video sees Donald Glover walking through a neighbourhood filled with his fellow musicians. Among the cartoon cameos are Nicki Minaj, who gets upset when Travis Scott ruins her block castle, Azealia Banks chilling in a tree, Drake having his bike stolen by Future, and A$AP Rocky, Solange and The Weeknd playing tug of war.


Perhaps most notably Kanye West makes an appearance, seen crying in a Make America Great Again hat before Michelle Obama offers a comforting hug, a reference to his controversial tweets in favour of Donald Trump.

The video was co-directed by Glover, along with Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp. According to a tweet by Fam Rothstein, the music supervisor on Glover’s hit show Atlanta, it was illustrated by Justin Richburg.

Rothstein said of Richburg: “His mind is one of a kind and we worked hard on making this right.”


‘Feels Like Summer’ first appeared along with ‘Summertime Magic’ in June, and was then followed by a series of ‘Summertime Starts Here’ events across London, New York and Los Angeles.

It’s the first full video from the rapper, actor and comedian since the colossal success of ‘This Is America’ in May.

That video spawned dozens of parodies, including a highly-criticised ‘women’s edit’ by YouTuber Nicole Arbour, a sketch called ‘This is the TV‘ by Lenny Henry, and a Nigerian tribute that was banned by the country’s government.

An animator recently recreated the video using 1980s computers and technology, spending a month to make 470 frames of pixellated animation.

Childish Gambino is gearing up to release what is rumoured to be his last album under that moniker.