Childish Gambino shares new song ‘Algorythm’ in AR app

The PHAROS augmented reality app was released today

Childish Gambino has shared a new song called ‘Algorythm’ in a new augmented reality app.

PHAROS AR launched earlier today (April 24) and is described as “the world’s first cross-platform, multiplayer AR music experience”.

The app, which was developed by MediaMonks and uses real-time game platform Unity, allows multiple players in one location to explore a tropical world, where they can unlock the new track.


Unity’s tech producer of media and entertainment Sarah Stumbo told Billboard: “We think that an experience like this will really help catapult the industry forward. This is the world’s first cross-platform multiplayer AR experience. Maybe it’s not the world’s first AR music experience, but I don’t know if there’s ever been anything this big.”

PHAROS AR follows a three-day virtual reality event of the same name that Childish Gambino’s Donald Glover held in conjunction with Unity and Microsoft in Joshua Tree in 2016. “A lot of Donald’s fans can’t to travel to see him in concert,” Stumbo said of the decision to make an app. “They can’t get to a PHAROS event all the way in New Zealand. That’s a really expensive plane ticket. This is a much more accessible way to get the PHAROS universe into the hands of fans.”

The Android version of the app is now available to download, while an iOS version is expected to be released soon. Both versions of the app will be free. Users can either explore PHAROS AR on their own or with up to three friends.

Glover recently aired ‘Algorythm’ at both of his Coachella headline sets. The rapper also premiered Guava Island, his collaborative film with Rihanna, at the first weekend of the Californian festival.

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