Chino Moreno’s side project Crosses release new single ‘SENSATION’

The duo's new EP 'PERMANENT.RADIANT' drops on December 9

††† (Crosses), the side project of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, have released a new single, ‘SENSATION’.

The song is the second single, following ‘VIVIEN’, to be taken from the duo’s upcoming EP ‘PERMANENT.RADIANT’, due for release on December 9 via Warner Records.

The accompanying music video finds a recurring protagonist, played by Thais Molon, waking up from a car crash and trying to find her way out of the desert, intercut with grainy footage of the band performing in a narrow, dark alley.


Listen to the track below:

The duo, made up of Moreno and producer/multi-instrumentalist Shaun Lopez, spoke to NME earlier in the year about the music they had been making together, saying that their new music shares the same spirit of their first album of them “geeking out over sounds” and “trying to steer away from stuff being either too contemporary or too retro”.

“There are certain sounds that we’re drawn to, and that has quite a lot to do with the music we grew up listening to,” he said. “Shaun and I have pretty similar tastes. It’s about using all of those influences, but not making something that sounds like it has been made for today or is trying to sound like the past.

“We’re just taking those influences and running them through us. The moods that we try to create tend to come from quite a stark place. It’s not the most colourful music in the world, but once we tap into it it’s hard to go anywhere else. We just dive deeper into the darkness. We just run with it. It feels organic.”

Moreno also explained how the departure from Deftones’ harder rock sound isn’t necessarily the reason that he’s part of Crosses, but more for the spirit of collaboration.


“I’m not the type of person who makes a lot of music by himself,” he said. “I’m not a solo artist and all of my projects have been me working with different people. Different people bring out different things in me, so it’s never really comparable. It’s just that collaborating with people is one of my favourite things. Given that Shaun and I have known each other since our late teens, we’ve always had a musical kinship.”

The duo originally formed in 2011, releasing two EPs that year before a self-titled album arrived in 2014. The project remained on ice however, until 2020, when they returned with a cover of Cause And Effect’s ‘The Beginning Of The End’, before signing with Warner the following year. The announcement was accompanied by the release of a cover of ‘Goodbye Horses’ by Q Lazzarus.

Earlier this year, they released two standalone singles, ‘INITIATION’ and ‘PROTECTION’, which don’t feature on their new EP.

Deftones were recently announced as one of the headliners of the inaugural Sick New World Festival, which will be taking place in Las Vegas in May 2023. System Of A Down, Korn and Incubus will also be headlining.