D.R.U.G.S. singer clears up porn actress ‘sex tape’ rumours

Craig Owens admits a recent video was to publicise his single

Former Chiodos frontman Craig Owens has admitted he was the one behind the internet gossip about a ‘sex tape’ featuring him and porn actress Raven Alexis.

Owens revealed he started the rumour that it was a full-blown explicit video, and leaked it himself.

Owens, who is now fronting Michigan band D.R.U.G.S., posted a lengthy blog on his website, Imonlyahobo.tumblr.com, in which he detailed his reasons for leaking the tape.

Despite saying that in the blog that he tries “to leave lyrics completely open for you to personally interpret them”, Owens said that the lyrics “If you had a sex life, would you even worry about mine?”, from his new song ‘Sex Life’, meant so much to him that he “really wanted to figure out a way to truly illustrate their meaning”.

So, to “illustrate” it, he released a video in which he simulated sex with the actress before playing the band’s new song at the end.

Owens went on to claim that he was making the point that people should “not get caught up in the unimportant garbage” and not be distracted from the music. He added: “You could say that exactly what we did here was take the focus away from the music.”

He was also keen to point out that the Alexis was “a friend of a friend and was such a great asset in helping to bring this idea to life”. He also said she was a “true professional” and that relations between them “never went past what you see in the pictures/video”.

D.R.U.G.S, which stands for Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, are currently readying their debut album ‘Abigail Will Be Born With Four Friendly Eyes’, due for release on February 21. They are set for a UK tour in March.

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