Chloe Moriondo cancels UK gigs due to “cost of touring”

"it makes me unbelievably sad," she said of the cancellation

Chloe Moriondo has cancelled her upcoming UK and European tour “due to the cost of touring” – read her statement below.

The singer was set to tour her recent third album ‘Suckerpunch’ in early 2023, with dates including a London show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Taking to Twitter, Moriondo revealed that the gigs have now been cancelled.


The statement read: “hi. i would like to say here w my words that uk/eu dates are being canceled due to the cost of touring. it makes me unbelievably sad especially for the overdue cities i was supposed to play.

“i’m so sorry and i wish i could come see you. i hope u know that if i could i would.”

In a subsequent tweet, Moriondo added: “though i’m rly very sad, i am going to hold on to and greatly value the stretch of time at home i’ll have due to this cancellation.

“i’m really excited to find who i am again- i can’t wait to be back online as frequently as i used to be and introduce u once i meet her. i loveu.”

In recent months, a host of artists have cancelled tours due to logistical and financial issues. In September, Santigold cancelled her upcoming Holified tour, citing difficulties with inflation and the changing landscape of post-pandemic music touring.


The singer wrote that she “think[s] it’s important for people to know the truth of what it’s like out here for artists,” and that she doesn’t “believe enough of us are talking about it publicly.” She also said that she’d further elaborate on the reasons for her cancellation in the future, before deeming the broader music industry as “unsustainable”.

Lorde also discussed the current economic realities of touring in a newsletter sent to fans last month. “Basically, for artists, promoters and crews, things are at an almost unprecedented level of difficulty,” Lorde wrote in her letter, citing factors like “three years’ worth of shows” occurring simultaneously, global economic downturn, and concertgoers’ “totally understandable wariness” around health risks.

Animal Collective also cited economic difficulties for cancelling a recent UK and European tour. “Preparing for this tour we were looking at an economic reality that simply does not work and is not sustainable,” the Baltimore experimental outfit when announcing the tour’s cancellation in October

“From inflation, to currency devaluation, to bloated shipping and transportation costs, and much much more, we simply could not make a budget for this tour that did not lose money even if everything went as well as it could.”

London singer-songwriter Christopher Taylor (aka SOHN) also cancelled a planned UK tour recently. “The bottom line is simply not enough tickets have been sold in the towns outside of London,” he wrote at the time. “We attempted to do a UK tour in good faith, but now it seems just too big a risk to try to play these shows.”

In September, the UK government was warned yet again that musicians and crew “could find themselves unemployed en masse”, after a hearing at the House of Lords revealed the damage being caused by Brexit on those wishing to tour Europe. It came after the UK music industry spoke out together last year, saying they had been essentially handed a “No Deal Brexit” when the government failed to negotiate visa-free travel and Europe-wide work permits for musicians and crew.

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