Chow Chow singer dies

Iain Smith dies after suspected heart attack

Chow Chow singer Thomas Iain Smith has died from a suspected heart attack.

The frontman passed away following a party last Sunday (June 24).

Tributes have been pouring in for Smith on the band’s website with many fans expressing their sorrow at his sudden death.

Sarah Amalia from Edmonton in Canada wrote: “This came as quite a shock to me. I’m not entirely sure how I go about accepting this/his fate. Having such an odd history with Iain… Devastating. Even though I hadn’t seen him in years, I’ll miss him, more than I thought was possible.”

Another described him as “enthusiastic to the extreme. Mostly grinning. Loving life. Really fun to work with and a genuine friend. Such an unbelievably tragic accident.”

Born in Cardiff in 1980, Smith and his family relocated to Edmonton where he lived before moving to London, in 2002 to pursue a career in music.

During the last 12 months of his life, Smith achieved success, signing a record deal and touring the UK with the London based band Chow Chow.

The three-piece recently appeared at the 02 Wireless Festival and they were due to release their mini-album ‘Colours And Lines’ on July 30.

There is a book of condolence to view on Chow Chow‘s website where fans and friends can write a message.