Chris Brown admits to young arrogance, and describes his younger self as an ‘asshole’

The rapper says his daughter has changed him

Chris Brown has admitted that he used to be an ‘asshole’, but says his daughter has changed him.

Talking to Notion Magazine, the controversial rapper talks about how his seventh studio album ‘Royalty’ (released yesterday, December 18) is an album of ‘reflections’, and takes the chance to look back on his life. Brown has faced a number of legal issues over the course of his career.

He says: “People make mistakes, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve judged people who made mistakes, and they judge me back. The best part about it is me having to learn. I thank God he had something bigger for me to do. The mindset I was in when I was younger, it was full of arrogance, like, ‘Yeah I’m an asshole like, so what fuck it, I got money like,’ and you know, at the end of the day everybody knows right from wrong.”

The ‘something bigger’ Brown talks about in the interview is his daughter, Royalty (the album is named after her). He says “I love being a father.”


Brown’s offences continue to impact on his career in 2015, with the singer banned from Australia earlier this month due to his domestic violence convictions. As a result, Brown also had to cancel his New Zealand dates. He has released a statement saying he hopes to rebook both those parts of his tour.

Brown was dropped from a Daily Show appearance in the US, following protests from staff.

Brown spent thanksgiving handing out more than 2,000 turkeys in the New York borough of Queens.