Chris Brown promoter denies defrauding religious sect in the Philippines

Church of Christ group looking to take Brown and promoter Michael Pio Roda to court over axed gig in 2014

A promoter for Chris Brown has denied defrauding a religious sect in the Philippines.

Brown has become embroiled in a disagreement with Church of Christ following a gig which was meant to take place on New Year’s Eve 2014. Brown pulled out of the gig but, according to the church who helped fund the gig, he was paid $1m (£645,000) for his time.

Last month the R&B singer was left stuck in Manila for three days after being refused permission to leave the country following a visit. Promoter Michael Pio Roda was arrested and lawyers working for an associate of Brown have confirmed in a statement that Pio Roda has denied the suggestion that the $1m was received by Brown’s team.


“To hold Mr Pio Roda accountable for the entire $1m … is not only without legal or factual basis but is a travesty of justice and a continued violation of human rights,” the lawyers said.

“Mr Pio Roda’s Gestapo-like arrest and detention beginning 23 July, 2015 and the filing of a one-million-dollar criminal complaint is a shocking development, if not a reflection of bad faith in breach of the terms of the compromise agreement.”

Maligaya Development Corp, who have links to the church, has asked the justice department to file criminal fraud charges against Brown and Pio Roda. Philippine prosecutors are looking into the complaint to determine if a court case is required.

It is claimed by Pio Roda’s lawyers that their client received $45,000 from Maligaya with a further $578,750 coming from J Williams Management, another company involved in the concert.

The R&B singer’s private jet was refused departure by the nation’s immigration bureau in July over the fraud allegations.

A profanity filled video on Brown’s Instagram, later deleted, heard him say: “Can somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on? I don’t know. I’m reading headline after headline. What the fuck? What the fuck is going on?” A second video saw him pleading to Barack Obama for help.

Brown stated that he had returned to the Philippines in order to make up for the show he axed last year.

Brown required emigration clearance to leave the Philippines and was left waiting three days while it was sorted out.