Police search Chris Brown’s car after reportedly receiving gun tip

No weapon found

Los Angeles police searched the car of Chris Brown on Friday night (February 6) after receiving an anonymous tip that his passenger was carrying a gun.

That’s according to TMZ reports that claim Brown was attending rapper TI’s pre-Grammy party at Hollywood’s Sayer nightclub when law enforcement detained a friend of the singer before searching his Lamborghini. They found nothing.

Just last month, during an appearance at a San Jose nightclub, Brown was forced to flee the stage after gunshots were fired. Five people were injured in the gunfire and several people were arrested following the incident.

It wasn’t the first time a weapon had been discharged at a Brown event. Last August, at pre-MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by the 25-year-old at the he 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood, former CEO of Death Row Records Marion ‘Suge’ Knight Jr was injured after being struck several times when shots were fired.

Also on Friday, Brown revealed via Twitter that he had completed his court-ordered community service.