Chris Brown accused of beating up man over basketball foul

A new lawsuit has been filed against the troubled singer

Chris Brown has been accused of beating up a man over a basketball foul, reports Spin.

Malcolm Ausbon filed a lawsuit with the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles on Thursday (February 13), claiming to have been the victim of an attack at the hands of Brown and his entourage. Ausbon described the incident as occurring during a basketball at a 24 Hour Fitness gym.

Ausbon claims he called a foul on Brown, who held onto the ball in protest before threatening to “put these hands on you” and claiming to be associated with the Bloods gang. The alleged victim then states that three members of Brown’s entourage rushed him, telling him “if you fuck with Chris, you fuck with us.” After play had resumed, the three people and Brown attacked Ausbon when they “began to strike, punch, kick, pull, and stomp Ausbon’s head and body.”

Ausbon is suing Brown and his entourage, as well as the gym itself for both negligence and vicarious liability for the physical and emotional damage done. The complainant claims to have suffered injury to his “face, head, neck, back, legs, [and] ribs” as well as “post traumatic stress disorder, dizziness, nervousness, embarrassment, fear, and anxiety”.

In November last year, Brown was ordered to return to rehab for three months to seek help with anger management issues. The singer was told that he must also serve at least 24 hours of community service every week and be tested for drugs by by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Brandlin.