Chris Brown arrested for ‘threatening woman with gun’ following police stand-off

Star had told officers to 'come get me'

Chris Brown has been arrested following a police stand-off outside his Los Angeles home.

After an alleged altercation in the early hours of Tuesday morning (August 30) at his LA residence, a woman phoned 911 claiming that Brown had threatened her with a gun.

Police later arrived at the property, briefly handcuffing rapper Ray J, who had been getting a tattoo in Brown’s house at the time of the incident, before releasing him.


Reports then claimed that police have been thrown a duffel bag of weapons (including one gun) and drugs by Brown from his window, where he taunted officers, saying “come get me.”

As police were in the process of obtaining a search warrant for the property, Brown emerged from his home once his lawyer had arrived at the scene.

Police say that half a dozen of people had been escorted from the property and would be interviewed.

Before he threw the bag out of the window, Brown posted a series of videos to his Instagram addressing the incident and its subsequent fall-out.

Claiming that he’d just woken up to find officers surrounding his house, Brown protested his innocence – as well as saying that the authorities wouldn’t find anything in a house search – before voicing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and then declaring “fuck the police.”


He also claimed that the media attention surrounding the incident at his house is actually helping promote his name and music.

Watch the three Instagram videos below.