Chris Brown under police investigation for ‘threatening a woman with a gun’

Ray J was also involved in the altercation at Brown's LA residence

Chris Brown is under criminal investigation for allegedly “threatening a woman with a gun” at his home in LA.

Brown was at his LA residence with several friends – including the rapper Ray J – when the altercation occurred in the early hours of this morning (September 30).

As TMZ reports, Ray J was getting a tattoo at the house when some “uninvited female guests” appeared outside along with an invited male guest of Brown’s. Details of what exactly happened next are still unclear, but one of the “uninvited” women called the police after an incident, alleging that Brown had threatened her with a gun during an argument inside the house.


Ray J was later photographed leaving the house, where he was seized by police in Brown’s driveway and handcuffed. The police checked his ID, before seizing his car and releasing him from the handcuffs.

Brown has not left his house since the police were called, with an unidentified person in the house claiming that the singer had been asleep when the incident allegedly took place.

TMZ also reports that the case is now under investigation, and that Brown is the sole suspect.