Chris Brown files defamation suit against woman who accused him of rape

The R&B singer was arrested in Paris earlier week but has denied the allegations

Chris Brown has filed a defamation suit against the woman who accused him of rape in Paris, it has been reported.

The singer was arrested on Tuesday (January 22) after the alleged victim told police Brown, his bodyguard and a third man raped her in his room at the Mandarin Oriental overnight on January 15-16 after they met at a club.

The star was released without charges less than 24 hours after he was detained. His lawyer confirmed he was free to leave the country although an investigation is said to be ongoing.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

According to the complaint, which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Brown’s lawyer wants the defendant, identified only as Miss K,. to face criminal prosecution for “slanderous accusation” on January 18 – the date a statement was given to the police. The woman could face up to one year in jail if she is found guilty. She will have 10 days to file any relevant evidence.

Brown, who stayed in Paris after his release to film a music video, denied the allegations in a since-deleted Instagram post. “I WANNA MAKE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR…… THIS IS FALSE AND A WHOLE LOT OF CAP! NNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!” he wrote. “FOR MY DAUGHTER AND MY FAMILY THIS IS SO DISRESPECTFUL AND IS AGAINST MY CHARACTER AND MORALS!!!!!”

His lawyer, Raphael Chiche, said the star “vigorously protests his innocence” and that he was directing him to file a complaint due to the “slander of which he has unfairly been the subject.”