Chris Cornell’s alleged stalker arrested at his concert in Kentucky

Jessica Robbins had been missing since removing her electronic ankle tag

A woman who had allegedly been stalking Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has been arrested outside his concert in Louisville, Kentucky.

All the venues on Cornell’s tour had been on the alert to look for Jessica Robbins, who had worn an electronic ankle tag since a court order in 2014. Robbins was arrested trying to enter Cornell’s show at the 2,600-capacity Louisville Palace, the 14th show of the singer’s solo tour. The case has now been passed on to the FBI.

Robbins was arrested in 2014 and charged with stalking Cornell after allegedly harassing him online. By the time of Robbins’ arrest, Cornell and his wife, publicist Vicky Karayiannis, had removed their two children Toni and Christopher from being educated at state schools in New York, saying they feared they would be harmed by Robbins. Cornell also said he believed Robbins entered the family’s home in Miami.

Robbins posted bail of $50,000 (£38,600) and agreed not to go online, as well as wearing an ankle tag. However, she was able to remove the tag and had officially been missing before her arrest yesterday (July 7).

Cornell continued his show in Louisville as planned. The tour for his 2015 solo album ‘Higher Truth’ continues until July 27 in Winnipeg.